Monday, February 22, 2010


My response to this Facebook status:

"Obama's trying to make U S of A's education system better. Apparently its "morally unacceptable." Ok Obama, lets just see how many more students will drop out of high school once you higher the standards."

This was the girl who joined that Facebook group, O.B.A.M.A (one big ass mistake, America) but not the one who tried to tell me off about Obama and his birth certificate. Anywhooo... there were already some people who had posted on this status, and said things that were smart, and others who sided with her and went on to bash Obama completely. Someone even used the "He's a great speaker, but then again so was Hitler" comment. Ugh. Oh and they also said something about how Obama's a bad president because he let them make a Chia pet out of his head... Here's what I chipped in the pot:

"I have that Chia Pet. Obama isn't taxing those who 'work hard;. Everyone who owns a business works hard. He is just taxing the ones who have the money to give to the government, the big corporations and making it easier for the smaller business, and new businesses to get going. For example, in Dallas, your Dallas, there was once a nice downtown with neat little shops that people went to all the time. Then Walmart moved in, and pushed all of the local shops out of business, and now when you need something, where do you go? Walmart, right? Obama wants to lower those issues in the country, because yes, that is an issue. As far as his plan for schools goes, he wants to raise the amount of high school/college graduates in America. This is bad, how? Not only will it eventually lower our unemployment rate, it will also hoist our academic standard, which is awesome! Sure, there will be some kids that are threatened by it, and drop out, but that's just this generation. Imagine, the next generation of High School kids, who are already used to the new standards, and they will move on to excel.

Obama said from the very beginning of his campaign, that it would take awhile to clean up what the last president had dirtied. He has his ten year plan for getting out of the war, and he has made change. You probably don't see it, because you don't own a business.

I'm sorry I'm not closed-minded, and actually like to think for the better of the country. Does that mean I'm not morally acceptable"

I liked the opening line, and the closing lines the best, personally. Why am I still Facebook friends with these kind of people? Mainly to argue, because it's fun, when they post irrational things. When people try to add me, and I look at their political view, and it says "Republican all da way", I'm not going to add them.

My drumming skills are coming along, as are my BANJOing skills. I'm still stoked. I can't take my fingers off the thing. But anyways. That's my GUHRmoment of the day.

Thanks for your time.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Senseless Soup

"I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends... that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. [1952]" Adlai Stevenson.

I figured I should start off with a quote that makes most people smile and nod their heads approvingly.

Here's something to ponder. I have been having some slight trouble understanding why Rick Perry would sue for something, so lame like that. They sued because the EPA discovered CO2 as a pollutant? I don't... get it. Didn't Rick Perry used to be cool, back in like, the seventies when he was a democrat? I don't know. That's just Wikipedia'd information.

But I liked the way they explained Al to be a lanky, 39-year-old environmental engineer, a native of El Paso, who stood awkwardly at the mic in front of the adoring crowd. It was quite a pleasant description, I think.

Nevertheless, Shell gas is reducing it's upset emissions by eighty percent.

"If the EPA has its way, this state of affairs is about to end"

Tea Party 2.0 is really awesome, I think. I became a fan on Facebook... The idea of taxing the rich just sends shivers up my spine, you know? It's almost unreal to me, that people actually have the idea in their head that the Sarah Palin enhanced Tea Party is, what, good for the country? Wait, what is it that they even want? And do they know that their taxes have been lowered significantly since Obama's presidency? Why don't we just support them, because they're loud, and know how to make a party. And I mean, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck support it. They're good people... [sarcasm alert]... All in all, though, I still don't really get the whole tea party thing. Jill has tried telling me about it, but I fail to understand how it even matters, how it's even enough to make an argument about. It's like me saying, I hate brocolli but love spinach, so I'm going to throw cans of soup at passing band members. See? It makes no sense.

Anyway. You could become a fan of Tea Party 2.0 on Facebook.

Isn't it cool that Obama met with the Dalai Lama? I think it's cool. Because the two of them, are like, the shizziest people I know of. Can you not agree? No. You must agree.

Today was a day of high school drama, also known as B.S. Therefore I'm feeling Lame and Forceful today. THIRTY-ONE FACEBOOK FANS. Oh em eff gee. I am so happy, but a bit confused as to how some of those fans whom I stalked, are christian/republican. It's good, if they're actually taking the time to knock some common sense into their brain, but still. It was unexpected.

Jill, my pseudo step mother, is designing me a logo for Lame and Forceful. I'm not going to lie, I am immensely roused.

I had a good dinner tonight.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey, Thanks For Being Cool.

Dear E.J. Dionne,

First off, she has awesome ideas, and her view on the reason why we are in a state we are in, against conservatives and republicans is about right-on, and I admire that. In my opinion however, I don't particularly think that the Democrats and progressives are 'losing' per say. I do, however, think that in the Republicans' minds we are losing. In my mind, we are simply at a stalemate with the opposing party, and they just seem to think they've won already. The victory of Republican Scott Brown is a bummer, and may have put us behind a couple paces from where we initially wanted to be, but it's not like Obama is just going to give up from there, he's the president, and he will no doubt have a back-up plan. If he doesn't, cut my legs off and call me shorty. If anything, this fallback will set him farther in his plans, and we will see even more effort out on his part. We just need to, first, get some peoples' heads on straight. If we're lucky, maybe even a bit lopsided to the left, eh?

And if the Republicans refuse to cooperate, this will not mean that the bill isn't moderate. It will mean only that Republicans refuse to vote for a moderate bill.

^^ This happened to be a high point of the article for me. As it is a rational statement, it also gave me a slight chuckle while reading it. Those two sentences, my friends, is what I call right on.

What do you do when, someone out of nowhere says something so incredibly ridiculous, that you can't help but snort, but they really think they know what they're talking about, and in reality it's pretty offensive, so you call them out on it, and then they end up being crazily defensive, and you just want to give them a giant dork stamp, but you know that wouldn't end well? Do you do what I did, and stay away from them and their BS (basil and sea-salt) and all the high school drama that they are bringing to the dinner plate, or do you be assertive and fight for what you wish they could see is right?

I'm too tired right now to read this article but, I really like the way that blogger writes. It makes me tingle with excitement, and almost want to read the damn thing! But I didn't, yet.

I did, however, read this one. It made me superbly happy, because CSA simply RAWKS. Even ask my dad, pseudo-step mom, and pseudo-step mom number two (along with her kids and husband).

Hey, speaking of food, which is one of my very favorite subjects... now that my blog is apparantly popular (23 fans on Facebook), I want to tell everyone that the Gladcow Cookbook is pretty much the best thing EVER. Here you are now. Let's see, I like everything in it. Especially the Cheezish Macaroni, Scrambled Tofu, Scones, Lemon-garlic pasta, and OH SO MUCH MORE.

While I'm in the advertising mood, buy a Lucky Fish.

Have a good Friday tomorrow, and TGIF it up all the way. I know I will.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poetic Relief

I figured, since I was cleaning my desktop, and discovered so many files, documents, pdf's, etc. I need to share. My poetic relief for you:

Peach. Plum. Papaya. Pear.
Fruit was one thing, alliteration a complete other.
Down the fire escape, down the stairs, creaking, creaking, creaking, creaking. They walked hand in hand, in fear of what was to come. Would they escape, could they escape, would an alarm sound, would there be large floods of people from the press wanting to interview them, and talk of nothing other than their escape. They would try to remind them of their other qualities that are news worthy, but they wouldn’t listen, they would turn up their noses, and bite their thumb at them. Was it especially rude to bite ones thumb at a psychopath. Was it especially rude to bite ones thumb at an escaped psychopath; this story may be more questions than answers.
Strawberry. Satsumas.
What other fruit could one think of that starts with an ‘S’? And don’t say star-fruit.
Was it really a fire escape? Where was the fire alarm, then? Why wasn’t it going off, then? Where was the fire alarm, then? Why could they just walk on out, like simplicity. Why couldn’t the building really be on fire? Wouldn’t that be great if the building were actually on fire? They would set it on fire after they escaped. And they would free all the other victims in the place, letting them be real, alive, sane, without doubt, and free from the question of the men in the white coats. They would do it, you would see. They would, they would, they would.
Watermelons. Fire escape.
What was the big deal with fruit anyways? I’m sure a fire escape is quite the delicacy in some foreign land.
Well, now they were smooth sailing. Although, neither of them could honestly, and frankly, remember them being on such a high level on the building. The building only went up three, four, levels. How was it they were already cleared five flights? Was this the ultimate escape route? Were they imagining the past three flights? Because now it was getting colder and colder as they got to the bottom of the building. There wasn’t even a door to leave the flight yet- until they reached stair case seven. And there was a door. No more stairs. Just a door. And behind the door was black. As black as the last guy’s pupils. And Silence was silent. And Patience was patient. And it was the first time the two bonded. In a moment of fear and utter horror.


It would be closer and closer as one approached it. You didn’t even have to know what it was, but you would love it. it could trick one person into doing anything it wished that one person to do. It was a trickster, a thief, but it kept drawing anyone nearer and nearer. It was a drug, one with no antidote. One that you became permanently addicted to in the first inhale, shot, drag, swallow, however you wanted to inject it into your body, to rot it. It would rot your body, and it would kill all common sense. Not only would it have an affect on you, but while you were tripping over the stuff, anyone who looked into your eyes would become contaminated, and it would be a sick, disgusting thing. Sick and disgusting, those are two words, three with the and. Two, three words were nothing in the common world. They would drown, be spit on, become already chewed bubble gum under the handle of the big blue dumpster on Main street. What are words, anyways? Who am I to say words, when I don’t even know what they are, where it originated, who was the first human to come up with the term, or even thought, of ‘word’. It’s unfair, how we cheat people out of their discoveries. The Americans, how they claim the land that was rightfully the Natives’ land. It’s sick. And it’s disgusting. And those are just two words in the search of this instantaneously addictive drug that you can intake in any form your bloody brain can think up. It’s legal.


There it was. There was that one feather, floating about like they do, coming toward my finger which is out erect, waiting. It will land, it will land on my finger, and the harp that still plays in the background to this day will get louder. My mind will become fuzzy, and so many things will be going through it that I learn to tone it all out. Not there is nothing. Nothing at all running through my head, and I wonder how that is possible. I know it is always possible, and it confuses me more. Then I remember my mind is blank and nothing is confusing. Everything is in perfect sense, and I still do not know what it means. What does it mean to be perfect, to be pure and kind, to be flawless. What is flawless?
The silence no longer creeps and the vocals and the harps and the other things are all foreign to me.

And I can dance. I can dance perfectly, never missing a step, and it is all okay, because I know it is. I want it to be okay, and then it is. Nothing is never not okay. Everything is always okay, and it is the best feeling I have ever felt. And I can remember my old feelings, and that is all I can remember, and I like it. There is no time, there is no sense of time, there is only air, there is only the feather on my finger tip. And that is okay with me. That is okay with me. That is okay with me. That is okay with me.
I know that nothing is ever over too. I know that because I discovered that. I am the first to discover, and I love it. I love it all, but I still cry.
I cry because I am sad, there is no happy crying, everything is sad. Everything ends with a sad ending. Everything ends with an ending. Everything ends with a sad ending. But I am happy because sad endings make me cry. And crying makes me happy. Without the tears, I would be nothing. My life is made of tears, smiles, and swaying back and forth, back and forth. And there is the feather there in my life as well. But the feather only stays on my finger all the time, and that is the only place it will go now because it loves my finger, and I love that feather, because it was the first thing I ever saw when I opened my eyes for the first time, and I am still so happy that I ever found that feather floating toward me. I waited for days for it to finally fall amongst my finger tip, and when it did I cried. I cried because I was happy that is was sad.
I discovered that nothing is ever done. Nothing ever ends. There are no endings. Nothing ever ends.
I bite into the fruit.


Onto the open path, I set foot. I can feel the warmth of your embrace already. The path is narrowing quickly, and I have nowhere else to make my way. I wonder deeply what has permitted me to become so lost. Not only on this unknown path, but in my mind, in my life. I thought everything was as good as it could get! However, I am wrong. I have been wrong before, in which case, this is no surprise. I have often been presented with the question "Does God exist?" I tell them no. God does not exist. I do not know the answer to this question, really I do not. I am often forced to lie, make up, or indulge my opinion. My opinion is harsh, crude, and cryptic. I advise you stay away from my thoughts as much as possible. They are unhealthy to the mind and soul. I then hear the question "Do you believe in God?" I tell them yes. I believe in the idea of God. Just maybe not his existence. Glancing down at the my inner-twined fingers, I think. In my thoughts, there is music. Pleasant music? Not one bit. I sense my tongue dancing behind my lips. Can I control it? Not one bit. I feel scared. Cuddling in my arms, wrapped around my legs, crying and screaming. Could it be possible I am dreaming? Could it be possible? How can I fit all of these sacred ponders inside this very full mind. I cannot. I will not. Yellow as thought. Red as blood. Black as death. I wonder carefully why people have so many horrible thoughts of death. It will happen, no matter what you expect. It is only the unknown and fear of the crime they have committed. If God is not a fan of crime, why does he allow it? How do we really know that Jesus lived? When we cannot find any evidence. Let us go back to the middle ages, shall we? Everyone depended on religion. When we look back to the middle ages, we think how stupid, right? well. How is this world of religion any different? Everything is a branch off of Christianity, so why don't we go back to that? How do we know the people who put together random pages from random "holy books" weren't drunk, sick, or confused. I would only like to speak my mind, my mind is all I would like to speak. I sit. The floor is dank and moist. An odd sense of odd things are racing through my pounding veins. I see pictures. Hands. Touching various objects and holding them with all power and passion. They love these objects. The picture goes out of focus, then back in focus. Arms against arms, legs against legs, lips to lips. I ache. I can smell your blood. I am craving it. The colors are shouting down from the creases of the wall. I beg for your help. It does not come. I shout. I scream. The blood is falling. It is torturing me. It hurts. And I realize. I love you.


These are the better ones- less morbid than some-, and if yens like it, I could post more in time. When they come. I think these ones will be going into my book of poetry this year.

RESOLUTION #12: Publish a book of poetry

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's Talk About Dick.

Hey there...

Hey there, Dick Cheney. Care for some cloth over your face with water being poured over it, giving you the illusion of being drowned in a watery abyss... Let's do it!

"Dick Cheney wants to be prosecuted. And prosecutors should give him what he wants,"

So now, how could one person be so incredibly doltish? I stand here, with the fog gathering around me, dumbfounded by the obtuseness caving me in.

I have a homework assignment tonight; DEFINE HOLOCAUST. Since I am not near my binder right now, and am watching Gilmore Girls, and eating leftover tofu enchilada, I'm going to define it here, and since Ms. Walloch says she reads my blog... it will count. Ish.

HOLOCAUST: a great or complete devastation or destruction, esp. by fire.

Let us reflect. The Holocaust was a time of complete devastation and destruction... not sure about the fire, but I'm sure it was somewhere. There's my reflection (this is extra credit anyway)...

Take a look at this...

This is real. This is real. How the hell can this be REAL? GAHR. I'm so amazingly disgusted, I think I just blew a couple chunks. Which is especially gross, since I just ate a half of a garden burger, and a tofu enchilada. Who's a bigger douchebag, Bush or Cheney?

Why don't we... watch this, and take a moment.

So apparently, Cheney's the douche, and Bush is just a complete moron. There's some already known information thrown out on that table.

(Picture and video came from

Let's move onto another set of 'doltish and uneducated' set of folk.

TEXANS!! Who now have proof that global warming is not real, because of the mass quantities of snow in the east. Since, you know, snow is globally cooling? I mean, let's not take the time to look around at any of the actual scientists who actually call it Global Climate Change (something that happens on this planet, as we have proof of from many many moons ago...) and I guess that this means -drum roll please- the earth is going to stay in it's exact same context fooooooooreeeeeeveeeeerrrr! Are you as excited as I am?

Today, a friend of mine, decided she would try and deject Obama with the excuse "He refused to show his birth certificate". Uh... Kay... .

I hate child actors. They all suck. Every single one of them.

I really want to be in a jazz band, or an indie band, or a crazy flappery speakeasy band. YEAH man.

And... that's the end.

Sydney Agee became a fan of Lame and Forceful


I don't know how to get all fancy with it, like Todd's. Become a fan though, for sure. And invite anyone you know who might enjoy me and my thought process.

I'm going to go swing dance now, with my groovy friends. For now, this is the lame post of my time. I'm sorry I suck, but you could read this while I'm gone...

Opposition Republicans, as they have been doing for months, hammered the White House for what they called a "poorly conceived and badly executed" stimulus plan.

Yeah, YOU'RE cool.

K, bye.

Monday, February 15, 2010

"I'm a political blogger, yo. I could politically fight you!"

Today, on Facebook, I noticed one of my old friends from Dallas, Oregon (the hick town I once resided in) became a fan of "O.B.A.M.A(One Big Ass Mistake, America". On it, I wrote "MASSIVE DISLIKE" and she replied with "MAJOR LOVE" and I said "Barack Obama is my boyfriend. I love him with a burning passion" which she then proceeded to say, "Ew... Sydney, I like you so I won't have a political fight with you" Uhm... Excuse me? That's when I said "I'm a political blogger, yo. I could politically fight you!" ...and then she deleted the whole conversation with a click of a button. Coward.

See? That really peeves me, when people talk about how they don't want to get into a conversation, because they don't want to hurt my feelings, or be in a fight, or whatever... I want to fight! I want to prove to you, that you are an absolute idiot, and you REALLY should not be talking without any proof of your reasoning. Gah. Irrationality pisses me off.

I like Michelle Obama. However, why does anyone care about her weight? She looks perfectly healthy to me, yet somehow, everytime I'm at Safeway or something, and I happen to glance at all the tabloids, THERE'S a picture of some Michelle fat. Mm? Nah. But anyhow, it's not important.

What is important, however, is her super cool anti-obesity plan. I think it's cool anyway. Even though I happen to think the fat kids are the cutest kids, it's probably a good thing they aren't fat and can you know, live past thirty and not have to suffer through heart problems all the time. Good plan, woman.


Happy delayed Valentine's day/ Single's Awareness day/ Oregon's birthday, and happy President's day, and happy early Fat Tuesday. It's a good three days, of celebration.

Bruce Stevenson likes it, I hear.

It's late for a school night, and I need to rest for the big Mardi Gras Haiti benefit concert, er, majig.

Do you think I should make a fan page for this blog on Facebook? It might get me some more followers. Tell me about it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Turtle, Worms, and Mice

I somehow forgot about Left take, and now that I remembered it, thanks to an email from them, I am deeply entertained for quite some time.

Strange dreams have always been in play for me, whether it's getting hit by a station wagon, or watching multiple people jump out of a building to their death. It's sick, it's disturbing, but it's also my mind.

Last night, it was a dream all about how I had wished it would get warmer, and then it was so hot that our skin was literally bubbling off and all we could do was sleep, and let the sun boil off our skin. About a week ago, it was about the sun spinning in all sorts of directions, and then the sky turning pixelated, and me trying to run away from the ending of the world, but making it not farther than where I started.

According to a dream analysis, having a sunburn means; To dream that you have a sunburn, indicates that there is an emotional situation or problem that you can no longer avoid. There is some urgent matter that is literally burning through to your soul and demands your immediate attention.

My apocalyptic dreams mean this;
To dream of the apocalypse, signifies an emotional and dramatic change taken place within. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another.

SO on that note, let's move onto the real issues in life.

is an interesting article. It's really hard to say which way the country is leaning at the moment, but hopefully more people will begin to understand the importance of lowering our unemployment rating, and seeing more people with health insurance, etc.

Did you hear about the turtle, the worms, and the mouse in space?

This morning I caught up on my Colbert Report and my Daily Show. It was a morning well spent, I believe.

Tomorrow, is single's awareness day/valentine's day/Oregon's birthday. Quite frankly, I'm most enthusiastic about Oregon. We rule.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oooooookay, now.

Let's just take this moment to breathe. In, out, in out, that's good, in, and out, in... hold it there... out. Ah, how does that feel?

I'm missing Yoga tonight, thanks to certain stomach pains. I'm going to have to take my stress out in blog form instead. It's not quite as efficient, but it will have to do.

Being specific today, is not going to happen. So's I'll just have to talk about everything that's on my mind today.

First off, what is up with CBS and their anti-marijuana legalization all of a sudden? Read it, yo. My favorite line, from mister Neutral Media representative is this: "I just received word from CBS and they will not approve your ad. If CBS changes their morals we will let you know."

Heheehhh! Oh CBS and your morals... crack'n me up one ad refusal at a time.

If anyone wants to buy me this shirt, I'd probably have to give you a famous Sydney shoulder rub. Or twelve...

Have I ever told you about my love for Daniel Radcliffe? Normally, I would rant about Rupert Grint and his adorable red hair, but oh no... Daniel is coming into play for me. Why? Because he:
a) Is a gay rights supporter
b) Is openly atheist
c) Plays Harry Potter, hello.

This doesn't mean my love for Rupert is at an end, it just means he's getting some close competition now. It happens in life, you know.

Did you here that Bill's in the hospital? And his wife is flying into meet him at the hospital. Thankfully, CNN was there to tell us that he eats fish with his fries... to make them healthier? Aside from that tidbit of useless information, they helped us visualize the whole thing with the lovely picture below:

Notice the disgusted child in the background...

Why do people oppose this job reviving Obama's doing? Our unemployment rate is 9.7% at the moment, better than December's 10% and only 45% of Americans believe the economy is recovering. Although, really I can't say I believe either way. In some ways, yeah it's definitely getting better, in other ways it's staying relatively the same. I know though, that we'll get better with Obama. He's got three years (hopefully seven) to repair the junk.

-from here

It's only 8:46 and I am SO tired. Tomorrow is Friday, and I am so very thankful.

I'm going to shout out to my dear follower/friend COLLIN.

And remember, [marriage is so gay]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catholic.Org... not the best source.

Here is an article from that I thought was deserving of blogging about.

I'm sure we've all been watching the Prop. 8 trials for months now. Here's a Catholic's point of view on how a gay judge, is exactly like a man owning a gun. Hm?

“This is no different than having an avid gun collector preside over a Second Amendment case,” continued Barber, “or a frequent user of medical marijuana deciding the legality of medical marijuana."

Well, yeah, okay, but even being totally cool with marijuana myself, noooot so much over the guns, I still fail to understand why the fact that "9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Vaughn Walker as an active practitioner of the homosexual lifestyle", and what he does on his own time, should be an issue. Okay, he will obviously be for gay marriage, but that's like saying a homophobe can't be a judge either, which I know the Conservatives wouldn't say.

And why must they say it so grotesquely? It's pretty clear to see, based on the way they are wording things, that they are afraid of the word "Gay". You know, Gay was once a very happy word. It's still a happy word to me, but I'm probably just as biased as a judge 'practicing' the homosexual lifestyle.

Here's what I think when I read that sentence: "I need to go practice being gay, sorry".

SO HEY CATHOLIC.ORG... Thanks for not being biased like a gay judge.

I'd like to use a shout out...

Today, my best friend, said blogging is lame. I then, like I often do, pondered the reasoning of our friendship. All we ever do is annoy each other, and dance to techno in her room. But I would like to prove to her, that blogging is cool. In which case, I need some more fans/comments, etc.

Obama blames GOP for holding up over 200 nominations pending in the Senate and threatens recess appointments

YEAH, Fox. Yeah, that's it. Obama is threatening us all, you just have to look a little bit deeper into the way he words things, and we will see it. We will all see the threatening tone, indignation, Obama is really trying to portray...

Am I the only one who still thinks Boehner is the best name for a senator? I don't care if it's actually pronounced "Bay-ner". That Republican had to have gotten so many jokes thrown at him in High School. Maybe that's why he is a Republican Senator...

Anyway, I like the fact that Obama is trying to get some more jobs out there, with the small businesses gearing up for the change.

You know what really peeves me? When people say that if Obama was really going to change things, he would have done it by now. Okay, so what about when he said from the very beginning of his campaign, that it would take ten years to get out of this mess Bush left (well maybe he didn't say it so nastily, but I'm saying it nastily...). Obama rocks. And no, I don't like him just because my dad and Sudo-Step mom like him. I think I like him even more than they do. I don't know, tell me something -with a rational reason- that Obama has done that makes him not awesome, and then maybe I will look into despising him. It's not likely, I assure you.

From Here:

"I know both those guys. They're very savvy businessmen. And I, like most of the American people, don't begrudge people success or wealth. That's part of the free market system," Obama said.

"I do think that the compensation packages that we've seen over the last decade at least have not matched up always to performance," he added.

How can you not love a man who says Savvy and Compensation in one conversation?

It's been a lame blog, which means the next will be best.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is why we don't listen to Fox.

Lately I've been looking for a decent source of news. I love NPR, but I never have time to listen in the morning, and by the time I get home from school, they are only ever talking about things I usually don't care about like, snow storms in Virginia. I mean, I care, but not enough to listen about it for an hour. I go on the website a lot, but still- I need more sources.

In my lookings, I decided to check out Fox News. Now, I know already that they are the crappiest source of news, but I just wanted to see, and hey- make a blog about their stupidity.

Would you like to know what shows up on the home page? Why don't I give you some tidbits of today's Fox News.


Palin for President? Frank Luntz reveals why Sarah's speech could point to a possible bid!

And then I clicked on the link, and Oh, it was a Hannity blog post. I don't know much about Hannity, but I have read some of his other stuff, and he seems to be, oh a little idiodic? I'm fifteen and can see it. He may not be as idiocic as some political commantators I've seen in my time, but really.

Oh-oh! And this is the article. Now, I am going to branch off a little bit on the comment, "President Obama's 'lack of experience' has held him back his first year in office and that she would put her credentials up against his any day."

Yes, because her experience has obviously gotten her a lot of places, you know, like some more Fox. There's an accomplishment.

Awesome Fact of today: When you type in "Sarah Palin is" into google, the things that pop up in the suggested searches are, "Sarah Palin is a retard" "Sarah Palin is a dumbass" "Sarah Palin is a moron", oh and one that says "Sarah Palin is hot"... which is, definitely, not true. Trust me, I know about hot politicians.

Now let me ask one question with visuals:

Would you ever actually want this woman running a country? Even third world countries would be damned with her.

I mean, in my vulgar opinion anyways.

So let me add to Hannity's little 'poll', that NO, she probably shouldn't had even ever been a governor.

I'm feeling a little bit aggressive today.

But good old Stephen made me feel better today.


I can't even tell you how much I fell even deeper in love with this man today. Yes Stephen Cobert, Sarah Palin is a F****ing retard. Thanks for making my day.

And thus concludes, my Sarah Palin rant of today. Surely, there will be more to come in time.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Atheist Liberal Socialist, you know?

Welcome to my humble abode.

I am a child, no older than seven, no younger than thirty-five. I live a healthy life I think. I'm a vegetarian, aiming to be vegan. Not that I care if the milk I'm drinking was once a cow's property, I really just want to see if I can maintain my will power to withstand. I like to think of myself as an introverted extrovert. Just because they cancel each other out, and make me become nothing anyone has ever heard of, or seen in their dumbfounded minds.

Isn't life a cool, creepy, melancholy thing? I have been interested with this theory called "Solipsism*" lately. I think it definitely could be a possibility relating to this thing we call 'life'. I mean, anything could be possible. There might be a God, there could be a Goddess, there could be twelve of them, but it's all just a thought process until something can be really, actually proved.

Personally, I think nothing can actually be proved. You can contradict anything with a "what if" statement, or even one of those "your mom" statements could sometimes be contradictory. It's weird to think about it. Kind of creepy, actually. Really creepy, actually.

I really wish sometimes, that I could say I have a religion. But really I don't know enough to say I do. Christianity has too many loop holes, Buddhism involves too much dedication, and Wicca is extremely cheesy.

One thing I do know for sure though, is that Barack Obama is like, the coolest man I've ever seen. If you do not agree, just stop reading this right now! There are many people who hate the man, but really? Can you even compare him to the dunce of man/president George W. Bush is/was? George urks me. Those freemasons, you know.

I'm goaling out myself to be more intuned with politics, but there are other importances too of course. I just like the idea of being an atheist liberal socialist, you know?

I'm pro-gay rights, AVIDLY.

Arguing is a fun thing to do, also.

That's really all for now. See you, kid.

the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.