Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Future As A Republican

As we all know; I go on Facebook way too often. I've noticed a theme in my usual annoying Republican friends this week which is joining various groups and fan pages that are titled "50,000 people against health care reform" and "Join if you are against health care reform", etc etc! I've been trying to reason with people against the Health Care Reform, and have not been provoking them quite as much. However, it's kind of hard to reason with them. Here's what I've come up with.

-Only people who work hard enough for their money deserve Health Care, because anyone who doesn't have Health Care obviously is a motionless stump in the ground.
-My friend (who makes much more money than me) told me it was bad.
-I have a really tiny, closed mind.

That is it. I may have a future in Republicanism... (NOT!)

I read this today, and thought it was a little bit heart-warming:

I don’t make enough money to afford health insurance.

Depending on how much money you make, in 2012 you may be eligible for Medicaid, the insurance program for low-income people. Anyone with an income below 133 percent of the poverty level—about $14,400 for an individual and $29,327 for a family of four in 2009—can enroll in Medicaid. Also, doctors who treat Medicaid patients will receive higher payments, so more may be willing to treat people in the program. There will be subsidies for those who don’t qualify for Medicaid.

(full article)

I just like that they're going to pay doctors more for Medicaid patients, so they don't frown upon the poor ill folk. I don't think they should have to, but it's definitely a good idea for this society.

Jumping back to groups on Facebook, I noticed a lot more groups against Health Care Reform than for it. Thus concluding, we For, think it must be ridiculous to have to prove your incompatibility toward something so obviously beneficial for most people by a social interacting website such as Facebook (I guess we aren't the lame and forceful ones this time).

Current Favorite Article: From NPR

Current Favorite Blog: From Truthout

I enjoyed the Blog especially. Chip Ward, you are one good man. "Welcome to Utah".

I also have a new favorite shirt:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

War, Lesbians, Health Care, and Iowa. Oh my.

I've been sick with A.D.D, and haven't been able to post. My third cousin's aunt died, I broke my pelvis, and was jailed for committing a crime I did not commit. THAT'S why I have been gone for sixteen days.

Everything in the sentences above, is a lie. Although, I haven't talked to any of my third cousins lately... What is a third cousin, anyway?

Mental health evacuations, as we all know I'm sure, have been insane this war and every war for that. To the people I have talked to, who have experienced war, have said it's the tensest thing one can ever go through. Yesterday, I was talking to a good friend, about his time as a lifegaurd in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. It started with talking about large heads and how he had to wait two weeks when he was training to get his hat, because his head was so big that they had to custom fit it. What he did out in Vietnam though, was take the soldiers that were addicted to heroin, because they were getting it cheap from the Chinese, he would take them swimming because that kind of exercise I guess helped them recover a lot.

Either way, he said war was intense. He never once held a gun in the war, but he knew. He had seen so many people go through him, you know, how could you not understand their fear and pain they had to be enduring just because of someone else's differences. It's kiiiinda sick.


On the subject of war, and me being against it, I found this neato website which I'm sure everyone has seen before and I'm just lagging behind.

I started a blog a long time ago, and never finshed it. It was about the Health Care Reform Summit. I know, it's too late. But I'm still dancing on the words of when he pulled out reconcilliation.

[please excuse any poor spelling in this blog; my spell checker is being a dweeb]

Now, the best thing ever, or perhaps the worst, I will show you from a slog blog. Here. Okay. Let me take a couple deep breaths, and then read it one more time... yet I still can find no rationality in their decision to cancel this prom. I adore the girl though, for making something into a big deal that deserves to be a big deal.

I read in one of the comments, about how this action is like saying they can't have african americans and 'whites' mix at a dance. I agree with this, and understand totally. Why hasn't America graduated from segregation, sexism, homophobia, all of these things we turn around and laugh that people could actually think this way. But the sick thing is, they do.

I know from personal experience, that this act of stupidity and fear of the new, of the 'gay' generation, of their own children running into this 'issue', is in some of the people you wouldn't think... I could cough out a name right now... But most people who know me know who I am talking about.

Today I was talking to my English teacher, who also happens to be really smart and cool, about how I wanted to go to the University of Iowa. She then reminded me that I should look at the blue-red map, and told me that closed minds are painful things. I believe this might be some of the best advice I've gotten on the subject of college.What do I want to be, where do I want to go to school, and what will be my motivation? Someone please tell me. Career fairy, I know you're out there.