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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Glimpse Into The Brain

Hello new and old readers of Lame and Forceful. Today is a very special blog post. Because you see, millions of people (and by millions I do mean about eighteen) will be reading this. Not just reading this, but reflecting on it as well. Be nice, I'm just a little girl.

There are a lot of things I am passionate about. That might be one of the things that sets me apart from my peers, in fact. As a sixteen year old, I've found it to be incredibly difficult to express my political passion. I started this blog, that's one thing. I also started Salem Youth For Change (which you can read more about here), so that's something else. This idea of being passionate beyond my... age comes out in ways other than politics of course. For example, education. I love it. I love the college experience, so I'm getting started at the youngest age I can.

I write a lot as well, not just blogs, but more creative writing too. I have about five half-novels, some screenplays, and lots of short stories and poems. I had a thought the other night. The title of my New York Time's best seller. Politics portrayed through a sixteen (almost seventeen... I hope you're preparing your gifts...) year old's eyes. Not just any sixteen year old, though that would be interesting in itself, but a sixteen year old that is potentially more informed than the masses of society (not to, uh, play my horn loudly in the ears of others). 

So here, for you, today (or tomorrow, or the next day), is a glimpse. A glimpse into the brain, the surge, and the world of my political mind.

(this is an inaccurate picture of my brain. I'm not really being controlled by a dictator... nor am I a man. It's called irony)

The first door you walk through takes you to a swimming pool. Inside the swimming pool, sporting patriotic speedos and bikinis, are our current Republican presidential candidates- Sarah Palin is life guarding with her rifle. One could easily mistake this pool as a cesspool, but we'll pretend there is a fine line for now. As of right now, the two leading candidates are Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. I've researched both of them many times, along with most of the other candidates (Huntsman, by the way, is my "favorite"... or at least, most rational). Looking at Gingrich as a teenage girl, I have a looming sense of: I would never want to be in the same room as this guy. His child labor views? Creepy. His sexist comments? Creepy. But here's the thing. It would be amazing if he won against Romney. The reason is that there is no possible way, unless hallucinogens were distributed in the voting box, he could win against Obama.

As the chlorine starts getting to your head, and Bachmann seems to be copying the Palin theory of coming to a public event with three lines memorized for any question (don't believe me? See for yourself), you decide to back away slowly. Or jet out of there. No one is blaming you.

Down the hall and to the left we come across the topic of socialism. If you've never honestly read about socialism, from a source that isn't Fox news, go do it now. I really really love the idea of socialism. Of course, I don't believe it would work in what we have left of a society today, but if started from the root with a strong core and equal participation among everyone in a community, I truly believe it could be a very effective way of governing. Today I delivered my speech on Women Oppression from a Marxist Perspective in my speech class. It may have gone over some of my fellow students' heads, but it was really fun and challenging for me to write this speech. I got to dig into not only the Communist Manifesto, but The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State Summary as well! If you are at all interested in Marx and Engels, and the concepts they created, I highly suggest both short books. A main point that works for me with socialism is the advocacy for equality. Obama by the way, as much as I do wish it were true, is not a socialist.

Back in the awkward architecture of the PS201 classroom, we talked quite a bit about slanted news sources, about bias, etc. This is actually my biggest aggravation. I've had A LOT of personal experience with it, as I'm sure most of us who can recognize it have. I have a... relative who is constantly roaring on about the importance of neutrality, looking at situations from all sides, not obtaining all your information from a one-sided source. However, he mainly quotes Fox news and regurgitates the words of Rush Limbaugh in HIS blog. He's totally going to read this and hate me, but hey, it is for the sake of academics. It's obvious that I have an opinion. I have a limp to the left. However, as often as I can, I read the same stories from each standpoint. My go-to neutrality sites are NPR, BBC, and Al Jazeera. Being sixteen and looking around at my "elders", it's really kind of disappointing in most instances. My mother (who I know won't read this, so we're okay) is one of the least politically informed people I know. Other relatives, some teachers (not ours of course, she is wonderfully informed), peers, celebrities, and quite frankly a whole lot of politicians, are not at all informed. So how am I supposed to grow into adulthood with an overbearing idea of apathy?

It's a question that haunts and takes over most of the kids in my generation. I mentioned that I have gone to many extents to be able to express myself politically without filling out a ballot. Unfortunately, the larger portion of my peers haven't found that idea yet. I know, most of you reading this are registered to vote, and at least somewhat informed as well. So just, keep in mind that there is another generation growing up, going to be replacing what you are now, so don't forget to stress the importance to them as well. I'm trying anyway.

Pop your knuckles, stretch your back, yawn a bit, and feel free to leave my mind. It's getting a bit humid in here anyway.


 The clock strikes 1:02, and I decide to actually sleep before a full day of work and studying during my lunch break.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demeaning Women and Dehumanizing Sexuality

I accidentally got into another Facebook debate today...

I know, I know, it's a low thing to do. It looks like you're just starving for notifications, yes I agree. And I very rarely dispute virtually anymore. But this time I honestly felt as though I had to say something. This girl, who I'm not actually friends with of course, but who added me because of mutual friends, posted a status today that said "If I were skinnier and actually had a rack, I would totally be a stripper!"

So of course, the raging feminist in me HAS to say something. I can't let an attractive young woman go on thinking these thoughts... it's my civic duty right!? I won't recap the whole thing, it's long and tiring. But basically I said something like the objectification of women's bodies both demeans women and dehumanizes sexuality, etc. etc. And for some reason, that idea is so foreign to today's youth. Like, "be a stipper if you have the body, show it off". For a moment, I got a little lost in my own head. I really did. Not that that's a strange occurrence. But I was lost. Because I felt for a moment, a little bit... Mormon grandma.

It's so strange how these things crossover. Not just in my head, but in everyone's opinion. In mainstream and obscure opinion. We can be so radically liberal, but at the same time so conservative. I found a lot of that in myself today.

Obviously, I love women. If you don't know that about me at this point, then you have not been reading my blogs very carefully. I think the woman's body is amazing, in every single way. I'm fascinated by every single movement, every strand of hair. So some would argue in my case that they should show it off! Be confident with their body! It only makes sense, right? I say: wrong. There are so many other ways one can go about being confident, loving their body, expressing their femininity, than using their body as a sex symbol for the enjoyment of men.

Interestingly enough, it started out with me debating men. Well, I wouldn't really say debating... I would say me spitting out awesome facts and word choice, and them going "women need jobs too". Eventually a women entered the conversation, and her view was that if women are confident they should do what they want with that, yes, okay, I get that. But there are so many women in the "profession" who are only there for the money. And again, there are other ways to be confident. Other ways to earn money.

Here's my solution. We stop supporting clubs and bars where men go to watch women completely degrade themselves, and then the option of being a stripper diminishes. I'm not saying that can happen, it's the same kind of thing with starting up Socialism in today's government. It's not really an option. But in my ideal future, we don't support these things. And yes, there are male strippers. There are women who go to watch men and women strip as well. This goes along with the dehumanizing sexuality thing I mentioned earlier...

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Okay. We stop supporting strip clubs. Who knows, maybe prostitution will increase in numbers. Obviously, it's not a one-step kind of thing.

We inform the women.

Another kid stepped in at one point, being the devil's advocate, saying things like "Women suck at math cuz no women in my cs classes duh thats why we make more money girls dont know how to work programming and java too hard so they take pshycology then say we are 99% wtf they complain about getting free dinners for looking pretty idont even get scholarshep for pretty." 

What's horrible about this comment, is that it's sincerely what SO MANY MEN are thinking today! Women in secretarial jobs, nursing jobs, is what we are still seeing dramatically. But what so many people are missing is that it IS the oppression coming from men, telling women that they can't achieve "man's work" and a lot of women even forming these ideas on their own based on society. Based on mass media. Based on the culture we are living in which is blatantly man-run. I don't give a fuck if there are three women in today's major branches of legislation, or whatever. I give a fuck that there aren't more. 

We need to be equal. We need everyone to be thinking on a level of equality. And what does that mean? It means being informed. It means being open-minded (which, albeit, I have trouble with myself sometimes). It means you look at your girlfriend or your wife, and you call them your partner instead. 

Every woman has the same potential as a man does. However, society is looming over us as this fat atmosphere where all you can see is fog. And the fog is sheltering us from what potential DOES reside ahead. 

Okay, I feel better now. Sorry for the super-ranty blog today. I'm re-reading "Women and Socialism", so you know, it was bound to happen.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So You Got Back Crack

I have many issues. That's not hard to miss when conversing with me, or just viewing my mannerisms. I'm incredibly awkward, and I hate it. I hate not being able to say what's on my mind in a non-blog circumstance, because I can't spit out what my head is processing. Or rather, I can't process things fast enough to regulate with the speed of everyone else. And I do have to process things a lot. I have to look at it from all angles and research the things I don't understand before I give an opinion. That's what makes me such a premium blogger! And a horrible conversationalist. Unless it's through email.

The reason I bring this up, is because people seem to misread me in that sense. They think I pretend to be well-educated in regards to politics, which okay sometimes I do, but all because I can't get out my opinions in person. I could easily be making this up in my head, but really, I can't uphold my image of suave intelligence in person. WHICH MEANS YOU need to help me. Because this public speaking class is doing squat. Seriously, I hate it so much. So. Much.

But this is a political blog so I'll stop being a whiny shit. Oh wait, that's all I do in this blog.

The Occupy Movements are coming to a crack-down all over the country. In New York, Oakland, Portland, you know the whereabouts. This morning they reopened Zuccoti park to the public...
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My niece Emery wanted to add her opinion. She's a little democracy advocate in the making.


So the police have been moving in all around trying to get Occupiers to pack up camp, and get out. It's funny because, you know, right to assembly seems to be turning into right to assembly until the cops get bored with it. My only hope that this is just the peak. That these outbursts of aggressiveness from the "enforcements" are only the ultimate tipping point. Maybe this is the point where we need to be more active than ever before.

Here are some photos to help you sleep soundly tonight.

That's really all I can say right now about the movement. I feel like it's so... been said. There isn't much more I can say without being repetitive.

Republicans annoy me. This is accurate:

I'm related to too many republicans.

That's all I got today. Right now. I want ice cream.

(The title of this blog post comes from my sister Molly's misinterpretation of Montel Williams)


This Friday I am having a Salem Youth For Change meeting at Broadway Commons. We have a small conference room booked, but we can squeeze! So come on down, it's at seven. Don't know about SYFC? Fancily enough, I have a blog about it:

And remember, the only reason you can excel in public education is because of Capitalism!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Pissed Sydney (What's New?)

Hello all.

I'm going to start today off with a quote from myself.

"They ask me if I'm pissed. And I say, Never in my life have I been more pissed than I am now. But never in my life have I been less pissed either" That's from a poem I'm working on.

So why am I pissed off? Many reasons. First of all, my speech class was canceled after I spent so long preparing myself last night and sacrificing study time for my American Govt. midterm. Which was not canceled.

But that's not the main reason. The main reason is that there are so many idiots in the world. Ann Coulter, author of the book "Demonic" (which I assume is an auto-biography) commented on the Sean Hannity Show last night with "Our blacks are so much better than their blacks," talking of course about Herman Cain in comparison to Obama. "If you are a conservative black, they will believe the most horrible sexualized (making up words again) fantasies of these uptight white feminists,” UGH UGH UGH. She is so gross. Here's what I think. Republicans, not in all instances, are racist. Time after time they VOTE on anti-immigration laws. There is no way you can hide that those are fueled by racism against the latino culture. Against spanish speakers. Against brown skin. Are presidential candidates forced to be bilingual? And if you're going to be so "traditional" why are you completely ignoring the fact that this country was built on diversity? That every single person, aside from the natives, immigrated here?

I'm not saying all republicans hate Obama because he's black. I'm saying that you can't say you don't separate people based on race or ethnicity when you are constantly voting on things that prove you do. She says something about democrats always saying "blacks can't be republicans", which is understandable that she would think that's absurd. Because it is. They're just as much an immigrant as she is, but what doesn't make a whole lot of sense is that we as a whole aren't supporting further culture to be embraced by our country. We should be. It's the same with the fact that she's a woman. Constantly, there are clear signs of the right being very anti-woman in their comments and actions. So it's kind of odd that she is supporting a... "thing" that isn't supporting her.

Another reason I am pissed off. House of Representatives is expected to vote on... keeping America's motto as "In God We Trust". This is just annoying and disgusting. I believe this saying was taken on by the United States as a symbol of strength compared to other countries. Kind of a, We Are God kind of thing. It's creepy. I'm not one for religion, we all know that, and the fact the country (again, which holds a very sincere "freedom of expression" quota which involves religion) is forcing me to bow down, makes me very uncomfortable quite frankly. I don't care if you're religious, but don't push anything on me, and do not use "the bible" as your only source of "factual information". I'll be even more pissed.

That's all for now. You're welcome, Jill.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Exception

My french exam went swimmingly. At least, I think so. We'll see on Monday. I mean, Lundi.

Cardinals won the world series or something! I actually had to have it confirmed that they were a baseball team. I was thinking hockey for some reason. I know nothing of sports. Except yoga. Which, to you non-believers of the power of yoga... you try sitting in lotus for five hours straight. Or the crane, ohhh the crane.

Apart from my lack of passion for baseball, there is something I am passionate for. And that would be the prohibition of Fox news. Okay, that's not completely true. It's nice to have a little self-esteem boost every once in awhile. You know, seeing their ill-conceived "facts" and incredible fallacies. It makes me go "Wow, I'm not dumb at all. If half of the US population watches this shit, I am way intelligent". This boosts my small hopes of getting into Reed or Brown (on only scholarships...). Though the Fox watchers can buy their way in, right? Because, as far as I'm concerned, if you're a rich white man, it's somewhat acceptable (SOMEWHAT) to watch Fox news.

People always tell me I'm an "exception" in regards to my generation. I think I'll just allow my cocky self (I hate that adjective... let's go with self-involved instead) to leave this sentence at that. Muahaha.

I'm sure you've heard about the gay marriage equality in the military scenario. If not, you can read an article from the Washington Post. The thing with gay marriage anything for me, is so, dead. Maybe it's just this skewed view from my gay eyes, but I do not understand AT ALL how the fuck this is still an issue. I mean, I know that there are so many homophobes out there that think AIDS can spread like spores. If a gay man breathes in your general direction, these little hairy things levitate your way and land on your face and you absorb it through your blood stream and BAM. AIDS. I just watched Mary Fisher's speech for the first time the other day in my speech class. It was so moving- I cried. If you haven't seen that speech, you are missing out so hard.

Seriously though. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or whatever- it's CLEARLY REAL. People clearly are having these emotions, because they are involved sexually. Most people believe in "love" right? Though I can honestly say I haven't had an opportunity to discover this great entity, it's a very universal belief and no one is going to get pissed off at saying "Love is REAL" because whether you are gay or straight or anything else, you do feel it. As far as I know, someone correct me if I'm wrong please.

"God" on the other hand, while I try not to criticize anyone on their religion (unless they're ignorant about it), isn't something that is clear to everyone. Yeah, a lot of religious folks might get mad at that claim, but it's factual. I don't think the existence of "God" is clear. Maybe I'm not enough of a complex thinker, but it just seems to rely so much on... faith. Which to me, faith is kind of a bullshit word. I believe in science, because it CLEARLY heals more than prayer, it CLEARLY shows us processes and outcomes. Right there before your eyes. No, science doesn't prove everything, there is a huge universe out there, there could be anything. Do not tell me however, that you believe there is one mighty man (I might be more accepting if it were a woman) who created us for a purpose. If his purpose was cheap entertainment, then OK. I could see that working. But while so many Christians have the reasoning that the universe is so big there must be something out there, and it must be Him... I say, it's more likely we are living on a speck of dust on a flower in an elephant's hand.

So, religion is unclear to me. It's a foggy way of believing. But back to the same-sex marriage issue (or as it should be "MARRIAGE"... I also hate that we define it as some sub-species thing). It is so clear that it exists. It's right effing there. So why do we even question it? Why do we try to restrict it? It's a natural way of life. If you don't think so, because you don't know a "gay" person.... Hi, I'm Syd. Lesbian as all get-up. Let me change your perspective. Please.

I was going to comment on Rick Perry's stupidity of the day, or hour even, but I'm out of virtual breath and I want to sleep for once in my life.

Hey, there are no graphics in this post... here! To refresh your memory, or to change your life.

Love your neighbors! Unless they're evil.

Hm, how churchy of me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holy Goddess

I'm having one of those moments, where you get so into a book or a movie or a television show, that you just have to go out and do it yourself. That is me with Veronica Mars right now. I don't even care if suicides don't always add up to a rich movie star sleeping with and murdering his son's girlfriend with an ashtray, or a bus going off a cliff actually being caused by a nerdy little serial killer who was trying to cover up his being raped by the mayor as a child. I'm still going mad with this whole suicide thing a week ago. A women was abused by two previous husbands, suffered traumatically from PTSD, and yet- there's nothing about the situation in the local newspaper. Or the unlicensed therapist attacking specific religious groups telling them they're horrible people. I love it.

I'm just thinking ahead to my career as an Environmental Lawyer. Gotta have some kind of criminal justice experience to back it up, right? Maybe I'll make my dad open up a PI business, and I'll be his witty and all too nosy receptionist. A girl can dream.

You know, I never responded to my Occupy Salem experience. Here's what I thought and think. It's a wonderful movement, I love expression of mass opinions. Even when I don't agree with it, it's exciting. However, there is an exception. When people don't know why they're there at all. The oh-so-famous "Marijuana is non-toxic" sign made me very curious. Because, hm, what does that have to do with fixing our economy? Oh, marijuana isn't going to kill me? I guess that's something. If, however, it were to say something like "Legalize and TAX Marijuana to get our economy going" I'd be way on that band-wagon. Way. But no, it was just some incredibly stoned kid who was just there for the sake of being there. Which, okay, that's good that he wants to be heard too... just know at least a little bit about what you're advertising and what the soul intent of the protests actually are.

There was also at one point a log truck that drove by and honked it's horn... everyone cheered?

I honestly have no idea what is going to happen to the protests at this point. I think we've seen it's ultimate high point a couple weeks ago, and now it's just a waiting game. The lack of attention from the government doesn't seem too promising though. I would love to see this explode even more than it already has. They think we've finally given up then BAM ULTRA MEGA FANTASTIC REVOLUTION! Maybe I need to take the initiative there.

Oh but last night a very violent act sprung a leak in Occupy Oakland. Read this post from NPR. I think it could be the fact that the police don't know how to deal with open-ended protests. But then again, and here is my "you must see both sides" voice, the demonstrators in some ways are being totally cruel and inconsiderate. But maybe that's what it takes? Stooping to the side of the opponent? I actually really admire the police force most of the time. Union, hey. And (at least with my experience... we'll see how this differs if I ever get a ticket) they've been pretty helpful. In the Salem march they were awesome. Though, again I am battling with myself here, the tear gas and mase and smoke grenades and rubber bullets were totally unnecessary.

Obama announced the other day that we are pulling our troops out. Why is this surprising to people? This was part of his initial campaign, remember?

Ironically, I have obtained a job that involves creating a blog. My life is one big internet rotation, I swear.

I know this has been way overstated in my blog, but I hate how true it is. The Republican Congress need to stop being stubborn assholes. I mean, really, cut the Pres. some slack. He needs to have at least some leeway to do what he actually believes is right for the country. And he is being SO, if not TOO nice to the Republicans-he has been this whole time. And they're just walking all over him because he is too nice. His new proposal involves CUTTING from Medicare and Medicaid. That sucks. But he's doing it in hopes of seeing some kind of compromise. At least, I think. His proposal also hold promise for less student debt in my future. Holy goddess, that sounds magnificent.

This is why I love this man:

I've got a French midterm tomorrow. Study time! Stay cool.