Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can I Vote FOR You?

I don't know why Rush Limbaugh is still here. He really needs to move to some foreign place with a large mountain full of vicious birds that often mistake receding hairlines for worms and retards (I can say retard, it's just satire) like Rush have to live on the edge of a cliff trying to realize his regrets before he is pushed off of the cliff by a ram with snake-like stealth.

I just like to fantasize. It's what I do before I fall asleep at night; think of the best ways Sarah and Rush should suffer.

I wish I could vote!!

You should have to take a placement test when it comes to voting. Then maybe this country would be a little less... oh... Dazed? Is that appropriate in this context?

Reason being, today when I looked in the mail pile, I noticed the Voter's pamphlet. I "omg"ed and began to vigorously read up on all of the nominees. Only the Democratic ones, though... obviously. Ron Wyden was really the only... qualified one. I just don't think that making an exercise program or farming your own land really puts you in the top plate for becoming a US Senator. But I mean, that's just me.

John and Bill!

I went into reading about them both, thinking I would like John better because of the Oregon Health Plan and all. However, Bill... Endorced by Al Gore? Dude. That can't just go unrecognized. Especially by me. Because Al Gore is so awesome, and if he likes Bill Bradbury, I just can't help but like him too.

And as I went on to read, I was quite impressed with Bradbury. Kitzhaber was not as inviting. I'm sorry to say.

So there you have it. I wish I could vote. Three more years!

Tired. I'm for certain riding my bike tomorrow. And I felt bad using a plastic container today. But that was the only thing I didn't already have that was plastic. And it was just for barbeque sauce! I did pretty well I think. Tomorrow. Bike. Right. Now. Sleep. Night.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Donate Your Shoes To Sarah Palin's Face

Tomorrow is Earth day. Yesterday was Marijuana day. Today was Syd's day to be inspired.

I painted. Or at least started a painting. I'm pretty proud so far.

I did not get high on four-twenty.

And tomorrow I have a list of things I am going to do. Here it is:
Not use plastic. Of any kind. Including pencils. Which might be hard considering I usually only use mechanical pencils. I'm going to plant something; maybe another flower in my front yard... the one from Oregon's Birthday died long ago. But maybe not. I'm going to buy nothing from China. Which won't be too hard. One day, right? I'm going to.. Gah. Not ride my bike. Because I feel like not waking up early. But maybe I will. We'll see. This 'be good to the earth' jazz is freaking difficult. I wish it wasn't. Help me love the earth more than I already do!

So. No Plastic. No China. Pack my lunch with no plastic items. I can't drink a juice box tomorrow. At least not with the provided plastic straw. I have to wear all cotton tomorrow. Let's see how this goes. I need to plan ahead, then.

I have succeeded today in turning a not-so-politically-active kid who disliked Obama (who never does what he says he will, apparently) into someone who does not dislike Obama. However, when I informed him that Obama was good to his wife, and a Christan, he said "How do you know he is, just because he says so?" ... "How do you know Mary was a virgin just because you read it in a book?" I replied.

We'll see how that goes.

My dreams are getting weirder and weirder as the sun melts on.

-concentration camps, teacher's houses, small spaces-

Politics anyone? That is why you read this, right?

First, let's take a look at a distant friend, Sue Lowden.

Let's all bring chickens to the doctor and see what happens! Do you think they'll be as sympathetic toward us as they are to Sue!? I sure hope so. Those sympathetic chicken-eating doctors.

Sarcasm is a virtue in political blogging.

Let's stop Sarah Palin's nature show, or demented need to have a nature show, PLEASE. Google "Palin's Nature Show". Do it, I dare you. Here's what you will get.

First Link
Second Link
Third Link
Fourth Link
The list goes on and on. Yeah. I'm pretty disgusted and utterly bewildered. Why must she continue to peeve every single person in the world all the time? I just want to throw my shoes at her! All of my shoes in my entire shoe collection! Just, load 'em up in a catapult and shoot them all at her. I should start a fundraiser, "Donate Your Shoes To Sarah Palin's Face".

I could win the Nobel Peace Prize for that.

^There's the t-shirt of the day. Because I like to do that.

Oklahoma is lame and forceful! And not in a good way. Can we just give people the right to do whatever the hell they want with the fetus inside of them? Please? From what I've observed, it's a whole lot of hypocritical folk that are so against abortion. "Some people should not reproduce", and then you go and take away that option? Okay yeah, birth control, but they're addicted to crack. I think, personally, I'd rather be a little mindless speck in space than a crack baby. Crack is wack. And so are the kids they produce.

But we're America! We just like to see how much we can twist the words of the constitution, right?

I like how Obama is practically Hitler... To the Israelis right now. I read the best article in the NYT a few weeks ago... the author, I forget who now, was going on and on about all of Obama's connections with Jews. Like his college roommate, his wife's sister... or something along those squiggly lines. Anyway. It was a good article. That's my awkwardly ending story.

I shouldn't have had that coffee at six O' clock PM. Because It's past midnight and I am wide awake. But at least it helped me blog a little bit.

Now I'm ready to sleep. Adios. Happy Earth Day everyone! Tell me your Earth Day plans!