Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holy Goddess

I'm having one of those moments, where you get so into a book or a movie or a television show, that you just have to go out and do it yourself. That is me with Veronica Mars right now. I don't even care if suicides don't always add up to a rich movie star sleeping with and murdering his son's girlfriend with an ashtray, or a bus going off a cliff actually being caused by a nerdy little serial killer who was trying to cover up his being raped by the mayor as a child. I'm still going mad with this whole suicide thing a week ago. A women was abused by two previous husbands, suffered traumatically from PTSD, and yet- there's nothing about the situation in the local newspaper. Or the unlicensed therapist attacking specific religious groups telling them they're horrible people. I love it.

I'm just thinking ahead to my career as an Environmental Lawyer. Gotta have some kind of criminal justice experience to back it up, right? Maybe I'll make my dad open up a PI business, and I'll be his witty and all too nosy receptionist. A girl can dream.

You know, I never responded to my Occupy Salem experience. Here's what I thought and think. It's a wonderful movement, I love expression of mass opinions. Even when I don't agree with it, it's exciting. However, there is an exception. When people don't know why they're there at all. The oh-so-famous "Marijuana is non-toxic" sign made me very curious. Because, hm, what does that have to do with fixing our economy? Oh, marijuana isn't going to kill me? I guess that's something. If, however, it were to say something like "Legalize and TAX Marijuana to get our economy going" I'd be way on that band-wagon. Way. But no, it was just some incredibly stoned kid who was just there for the sake of being there. Which, okay, that's good that he wants to be heard too... just know at least a little bit about what you're advertising and what the soul intent of the protests actually are.

There was also at one point a log truck that drove by and honked it's horn... everyone cheered?

I honestly have no idea what is going to happen to the protests at this point. I think we've seen it's ultimate high point a couple weeks ago, and now it's just a waiting game. The lack of attention from the government doesn't seem too promising though. I would love to see this explode even more than it already has. They think we've finally given up then BAM ULTRA MEGA FANTASTIC REVOLUTION! Maybe I need to take the initiative there.

Oh but last night a very violent act sprung a leak in Occupy Oakland. Read this post from NPR. I think it could be the fact that the police don't know how to deal with open-ended protests. But then again, and here is my "you must see both sides" voice, the demonstrators in some ways are being totally cruel and inconsiderate. But maybe that's what it takes? Stooping to the side of the opponent? I actually really admire the police force most of the time. Union, hey. And (at least with my experience... we'll see how this differs if I ever get a ticket) they've been pretty helpful. In the Salem march they were awesome. Though, again I am battling with myself here, the tear gas and mase and smoke grenades and rubber bullets were totally unnecessary.

Obama announced the other day that we are pulling our troops out. Why is this surprising to people? This was part of his initial campaign, remember?

Ironically, I have obtained a job that involves creating a blog. My life is one big internet rotation, I swear.

I know this has been way overstated in my blog, but I hate how true it is. The Republican Congress need to stop being stubborn assholes. I mean, really, cut the Pres. some slack. He needs to have at least some leeway to do what he actually believes is right for the country. And he is being SO, if not TOO nice to the Republicans-he has been this whole time. And they're just walking all over him because he is too nice. His new proposal involves CUTTING from Medicare and Medicaid. That sucks. But he's doing it in hopes of seeing some kind of compromise. At least, I think. His proposal also hold promise for less student debt in my future. Holy goddess, that sounds magnificent.

This is why I love this man:

I've got a French midterm tomorrow. Study time! Stay cool.

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