Thursday, November 17, 2011

Demeaning Women and Dehumanizing Sexuality

I accidentally got into another Facebook debate today...

I know, I know, it's a low thing to do. It looks like you're just starving for notifications, yes I agree. And I very rarely dispute virtually anymore. But this time I honestly felt as though I had to say something. This girl, who I'm not actually friends with of course, but who added me because of mutual friends, posted a status today that said "If I were skinnier and actually had a rack, I would totally be a stripper!"

So of course, the raging feminist in me HAS to say something. I can't let an attractive young woman go on thinking these thoughts... it's my civic duty right!? I won't recap the whole thing, it's long and tiring. But basically I said something like the objectification of women's bodies both demeans women and dehumanizes sexuality, etc. etc. And for some reason, that idea is so foreign to today's youth. Like, "be a stipper if you have the body, show it off". For a moment, I got a little lost in my own head. I really did. Not that that's a strange occurrence. But I was lost. Because I felt for a moment, a little bit... Mormon grandma.

It's so strange how these things crossover. Not just in my head, but in everyone's opinion. In mainstream and obscure opinion. We can be so radically liberal, but at the same time so conservative. I found a lot of that in myself today.

Obviously, I love women. If you don't know that about me at this point, then you have not been reading my blogs very carefully. I think the woman's body is amazing, in every single way. I'm fascinated by every single movement, every strand of hair. So some would argue in my case that they should show it off! Be confident with their body! It only makes sense, right? I say: wrong. There are so many other ways one can go about being confident, loving their body, expressing their femininity, than using their body as a sex symbol for the enjoyment of men.

Interestingly enough, it started out with me debating men. Well, I wouldn't really say debating... I would say me spitting out awesome facts and word choice, and them going "women need jobs too". Eventually a women entered the conversation, and her view was that if women are confident they should do what they want with that, yes, okay, I get that. But there are so many women in the "profession" who are only there for the money. And again, there are other ways to be confident. Other ways to earn money.

Here's my solution. We stop supporting clubs and bars where men go to watch women completely degrade themselves, and then the option of being a stripper diminishes. I'm not saying that can happen, it's the same kind of thing with starting up Socialism in today's government. It's not really an option. But in my ideal future, we don't support these things. And yes, there are male strippers. There are women who go to watch men and women strip as well. This goes along with the dehumanizing sexuality thing I mentioned earlier...

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Okay. We stop supporting strip clubs. Who knows, maybe prostitution will increase in numbers. Obviously, it's not a one-step kind of thing.

We inform the women.

Another kid stepped in at one point, being the devil's advocate, saying things like "Women suck at math cuz no women in my cs classes duh thats why we make more money girls dont know how to work programming and java too hard so they take pshycology then say we are 99% wtf they complain about getting free dinners for looking pretty idont even get scholarshep for pretty." 

What's horrible about this comment, is that it's sincerely what SO MANY MEN are thinking today! Women in secretarial jobs, nursing jobs, is what we are still seeing dramatically. But what so many people are missing is that it IS the oppression coming from men, telling women that they can't achieve "man's work" and a lot of women even forming these ideas on their own based on society. Based on mass media. Based on the culture we are living in which is blatantly man-run. I don't give a fuck if there are three women in today's major branches of legislation, or whatever. I give a fuck that there aren't more. 

We need to be equal. We need everyone to be thinking on a level of equality. And what does that mean? It means being informed. It means being open-minded (which, albeit, I have trouble with myself sometimes). It means you look at your girlfriend or your wife, and you call them your partner instead. 

Every woman has the same potential as a man does. However, society is looming over us as this fat atmosphere where all you can see is fog. And the fog is sheltering us from what potential DOES reside ahead. 

Okay, I feel better now. Sorry for the super-ranty blog today. I'm re-reading "Women and Socialism", so you know, it was bound to happen.