Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Glimpse Into The Brain

Hello new and old readers of Lame and Forceful. Today is a very special blog post. Because you see, millions of people (and by millions I do mean about eighteen) will be reading this. Not just reading this, but reflecting on it as well. Be nice, I'm just a little girl.

There are a lot of things I am passionate about. That might be one of the things that sets me apart from my peers, in fact. As a sixteen year old, I've found it to be incredibly difficult to express my political passion. I started this blog, that's one thing. I also started Salem Youth For Change (which you can read more about here), so that's something else. This idea of being passionate beyond my... age comes out in ways other than politics of course. For example, education. I love it. I love the college experience, so I'm getting started at the youngest age I can.

I write a lot as well, not just blogs, but more creative writing too. I have about five half-novels, some screenplays, and lots of short stories and poems. I had a thought the other night. The title of my New York Time's best seller. Politics portrayed through a sixteen (almost seventeen... I hope you're preparing your gifts...) year old's eyes. Not just any sixteen year old, though that would be interesting in itself, but a sixteen year old that is potentially more informed than the masses of society (not to, uh, play my horn loudly in the ears of others). 

So here, for you, today (or tomorrow, or the next day), is a glimpse. A glimpse into the brain, the surge, and the world of my political mind.

(this is an inaccurate picture of my brain. I'm not really being controlled by a dictator... nor am I a man. It's called irony)

The first door you walk through takes you to a swimming pool. Inside the swimming pool, sporting patriotic speedos and bikinis, are our current Republican presidential candidates- Sarah Palin is life guarding with her rifle. One could easily mistake this pool as a cesspool, but we'll pretend there is a fine line for now. As of right now, the two leading candidates are Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. I've researched both of them many times, along with most of the other candidates (Huntsman, by the way, is my "favorite"... or at least, most rational). Looking at Gingrich as a teenage girl, I have a looming sense of: I would never want to be in the same room as this guy. His child labor views? Creepy. His sexist comments? Creepy. But here's the thing. It would be amazing if he won against Romney. The reason is that there is no possible way, unless hallucinogens were distributed in the voting box, he could win against Obama.

As the chlorine starts getting to your head, and Bachmann seems to be copying the Palin theory of coming to a public event with three lines memorized for any question (don't believe me? See for yourself), you decide to back away slowly. Or jet out of there. No one is blaming you.

Down the hall and to the left we come across the topic of socialism. If you've never honestly read about socialism, from a source that isn't Fox news, go do it now. I really really love the idea of socialism. Of course, I don't believe it would work in what we have left of a society today, but if started from the root with a strong core and equal participation among everyone in a community, I truly believe it could be a very effective way of governing. Today I delivered my speech on Women Oppression from a Marxist Perspective in my speech class. It may have gone over some of my fellow students' heads, but it was really fun and challenging for me to write this speech. I got to dig into not only the Communist Manifesto, but The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State Summary as well! If you are at all interested in Marx and Engels, and the concepts they created, I highly suggest both short books. A main point that works for me with socialism is the advocacy for equality. Obama by the way, as much as I do wish it were true, is not a socialist.

Back in the awkward architecture of the PS201 classroom, we talked quite a bit about slanted news sources, about bias, etc. This is actually my biggest aggravation. I've had A LOT of personal experience with it, as I'm sure most of us who can recognize it have. I have a... relative who is constantly roaring on about the importance of neutrality, looking at situations from all sides, not obtaining all your information from a one-sided source. However, he mainly quotes Fox news and regurgitates the words of Rush Limbaugh in HIS blog. He's totally going to read this and hate me, but hey, it is for the sake of academics. It's obvious that I have an opinion. I have a limp to the left. However, as often as I can, I read the same stories from each standpoint. My go-to neutrality sites are NPR, BBC, and Al Jazeera. Being sixteen and looking around at my "elders", it's really kind of disappointing in most instances. My mother (who I know won't read this, so we're okay) is one of the least politically informed people I know. Other relatives, some teachers (not ours of course, she is wonderfully informed), peers, celebrities, and quite frankly a whole lot of politicians, are not at all informed. So how am I supposed to grow into adulthood with an overbearing idea of apathy?

It's a question that haunts and takes over most of the kids in my generation. I mentioned that I have gone to many extents to be able to express myself politically without filling out a ballot. Unfortunately, the larger portion of my peers haven't found that idea yet. I know, most of you reading this are registered to vote, and at least somewhat informed as well. So just, keep in mind that there is another generation growing up, going to be replacing what you are now, so don't forget to stress the importance to them as well. I'm trying anyway.

Pop your knuckles, stretch your back, yawn a bit, and feel free to leave my mind. It's getting a bit humid in here anyway.


 The clock strikes 1:02, and I decide to actually sleep before a full day of work and studying during my lunch break.


  1. Hi Squid,

    You're misquoting me. You didn't mention me by name but I know you're talking about me. Seriously, feel free to mention me by name if you want to. I don't mind.

    Anyhoo, I have NEVER quoted Rush Limbaugh in my blog. I think he's a big fat loudmouth. We may have many of the same views, given that we're both conservative, but I'm not a fan. Not at all.

    I would rather you liken me to Newt Gingrich, or Ann Coulter, or someone like that. But please, not Rush Limbaugh.

    BTW - I'm still waiting for your response to my last email in our political debate. It's your turn.

    I love you Squid. You're great, awesome, wonderful. You really are. Just don't misquote me to your millions of 18 readers. :)

    Uncle Rick

  2. Never said you quoted him. Only said you regurgitate his words. Which, okay, was a bit unfair. But your teacher blog topic DID appear on his show a few weeks ago, with the same facts.

    I'll get to that reply when I'm not working. Hold your horses.

    I'm glad you decided to comment. The students reading this will get a sense of diversity in family opinions.

  3. wow syd did not know you were so young, your brain is so big and full! you are such a smart girl. tell your opinion to anyone, dont let them judge you:)
    nice article

  4. This is my third attempt at posting. Not sure what is going wrong.
    I took the liberty to read several of your entries. You have a lot to say and people need to hear it. No, I don't agree with everything but doesn't make either of us wrong, just different. Keep yelling, the more who hear the better. - Katherine PS201

  5. Syd,

    What you write about is not easy for everyone to really understand. I do not being people dont get what your saying, but why your saying it. As a youth I have also been heavily involved with helping youth. I have not necessarily expressed the importance of voting (as they are not near the age yet), but instead the importance of getting involved in their community.

    I believe that if you show them how volunteering helps out other people and the great impact they make on other peoples life, they build a sense of power. The power and ability to change and move others forwards. It allows them to grow as individuals and become leaders to those around them. The gift of paying it forward.

    Then, maybe, when they are old enough to vote they can start actively giving back once again. Joining campaign groups, informing their peers, voting, and a different variety of other things.

    I have a project in mind that I have not been able to accomplish. Maybe we can sit together and discuss I can work with you to get my project going and involve your group, Salem Youth for Change to make this happen?

    -Ivan PS 201

  6. You have a firm foundation for your beliefs, and while I would say that we have vastly different opinions on politics I applaud your willingness to learn the issues and have a very clear idea of what it is you believe. You are correct that most people, on the left and right are mostly clueless when it comes to the issues and it is the responsibility of the younger generation to take responsibility to ensure that the policies and people they vote for are not just based on the failed venue of information that is our news. Congrats on a successful blog.



  7. If you think parroting Rush Limbaugh back is bad? We used to have a neighbor who, and I kid you not, used to say she liked and trusted Fox News as a source because it was 'fair and balanced.' My mom and I asked her how she formed this opinion, and she said it was just her personal one. It became sort of a running joke.

    I guess in that sense I'm lucky. My parents and my political alignments tend to link up nicely. It has to be very frustrating to deal with someone who takes Rush as something more than a joke (you don't want me to get into the debates I've had with my aunt's mom and dad over why his tirades against global climate change are flawed).

  8. Syd,
    Your blog was very interesting and I enjoyed your writing style. For a young person you are very talented. I wonder if the leaders, and citizens of the European Union would agree with your opinion on socialism given their current economic woes. Marx and Engels both made a compelling case for a utopian society, but historically their model has been met with little success. I'll stick with John Locke, and Charles Montesquieu. Thanks Again. A.Baker PS201

  9. Syd,
    I didn't know you where so young. I thought your blog was interesting and I enjoyed reading it. You have alot to say and you should keep on writing to get your views across.

    Maria PS201

  10. I really like your views. That's awesome you got your own group. I too really like the idea of socialism. But when it comes down to it, the only way you can have real socialism is by revolution. If that were to take over, we'd have a lot of chaos in this country. I believe it's way too late for that, but something really close to socialism needs to be done. I am definitely going to get into the Origin of the Family. Good post! keep doing what your doing. :)

    -Simson PS201

  11. I enjoyed reading your blog. You seem to have more ideas and views than most teenagers your age or at least me at that age. Even though my views lean to the left I try to stay neutral and unbiased in my information which it seems that you do also. I would have liked for you to provide evidence to Newt Gingrich's views similar to the Bachmann video. Josh PS 201

  12. Great post! I'm not usually a fan of blogs at all, but this was an enjoyable read. It was cool to learn a little bit about your background and see what great views you have! I know that I wasn't nearly as opinionated at sixteen or seventeen. Keep writing and expressing your ideas! Good luck with your organization as well!

    -Sebastion PS201

  13. I also enjoyed reading what you had to say.. I would agree with most of what was said and I liked the intro skit. I think its awesome that you are so ahead of everyone else your age in your interest in politics. Im 19 and barely just starting to become interested and aware of things. I wish I would have started earlier like you.. You seem to know what you want and thats good.

    Jorge PS201

  14. Very interesting post. Lots of true facts! I completely agree with what your saying.